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School Motto: Get Home In One Peace.

     The Bushido Hall of Science is a Dojo that teaches the traditional style of Karate. We have come to recognize the fact that Martial Arts is not just a system of defense that teaches our students, children as well as adults, to defend themselves with the use of their hands and feet but teaches them the science behind the techniques when defending with their hands and feet. It also seems that over the years, we've noticed, our students also develop a higher since of awareness. Meaning, in a relatively short period of time our students would begin to take note to many different things in their environment, that were always present, but they did not always notice before. Some examples of these skills would be: reading the body language of others more accurately; reading the attitudes of others more accurately; sometimes even before the individual says anything. We have also noted that our students would begin to take notice of the subtlest changes in their surroundings, whether it being individuals or objects. Besides heightened awareness we at the Hall Of Science also noticed that our students acquire a certain level of calmness within himself/herself and do express an increased level of respect and kindness towards others as a whole. The list goes on and on; in which I would not attempt to bore you with. But by all means, continue to peruse our site and find out more about Karate and who we are.


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